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Welcome to the Internet home of Southern Plant Designs., a full-service, award-winning interiorscaping company based in Birmingham, Alabama. Southern Plant Designs specializes in design, installation and maintenance of live plants in interior environments. Our expert staff takes great pride in providing personalized, quality plant care to meet the needs of commercial and corporate clients, small businesses, offices and private residences. Call us for a free consultation. You'll be pleasantly surprised at the low cost of enhancing the appearance of your commercial or residential space with living plants. Our meticulous attention to detail in planning, installing and maintaining superior interior plantscapes has made us a leader in Central Alabama.

Sample Plant and Planter DisplayBusinesses have long realized that the physical environment directly affects an employee's ability and desire to work. Now, businesses are realizing that interior plants are a natural and vital part of a productive workplace environment. The majority of Fortune 500 companies have landscaped their office interiors -- boosting morale, building employee contentment and promoting increased productivity..

Plants also clean the air and combat "Sick Building Syndrome". The problem is large and growing.Contemporary buildings are sealed tightly to increase energy efficiency. Inside those sealed environments, man-made particles pollute the air from paints, plastics, insulation, plywood, carpets, synthetic fibers and detergents emitting up to 300 harmful pollutants. Plants can help alleviate these pollutants. NASA-funded studies proved that plants commonly used in interior plantscaping cleanse the air of many harmful pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethylene.

Plants also help keep humidity within a healthy range. When the air is too dry, people are susceptible to colds and flu. When the humidity is too high, they can develop other ailments. Plants help regulate humidity. Studies have shown that when plants are added to an office environment, the relative humidity stabilizes within the recommended "healthy" range of 30 to 60%.

Southern Plant Design offers a virtually unlimited list of capabilities because of our vast resources. When it comes to our business, we offer our customers a powerful resource and a recipe for the best looking plants

Seasonal Plants

Seasonal plants such as poinsettas, easter lillies, mums and much more are available upon request.

Plant Varieties

We offer many plant varieties to our customers. Please check out our Gallery to see some of the varieties available.

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