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About Us

Southern Plant Design was founded in 1989 and is a locally owned operation..

Southern Plant Design has 20 years experience in providing exceptional interior plantscape designs. Based on the unique requirements of each individual client, our highly qualified and experienced staff will work with you to meet any special needs. We are dedicated to quality and continued satisfaction. Whether installing a new plantscape or taking over maintenance of existing plants, we assume full responsibility for the health and proper care of your plants. For both commercial and residential clients, we offer complete installation and service packages for:

* Atriums, lobbies, entire buildings & complexes
* Restaurants, retail locations (storefronts and interiors)
* Commercial offices (large and small)
* Model homes & residences (decks, balconies & patios)
* Hotels, convention centers & malls
* Hospitals, clinics & retirement centers

Southern Plant Design has extensive experience working with interior designers, architects, administrators and buyers. We are fully insured against personal injury and property damage with coverage exceeding requirements of most commercial contractors.

For our interior designs, we use only the finest plant material, obtained from the most reputable growers in Florida, Hawaii and Canada. All of our plants are shade grown and fully acclimated for interior environments. Our container selection draws from the leading manufacturers in the nation, and we specialize in custom containers designed to make your interiorscape unique.

After designing and installing your plants and containers, Southern Plant Design offers extraordinary value through our maintenance plans, that include:

* Weekly visits by trained, fully equipped technicians identified by company uniforms.
* Watering and fertilization as necessary for the overall heath and appearance of your plants.
* Cosmetic care for plants and containers, including dusting, cleaning, trimming, and pruning as necessary, and replacement with fresh top dressing (e.g. Spanish moss).
* Regular inspections for pest and plant disease with appropriate treatment as necessary.
* Monitoring environmental conditions that affect the health of your plants such as light, temperature and traffic patterns, including rotation of plants to promote balanced growth.

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